1.What is an escalator

An escalator is a means of transport for transporting pedestrians in the form of a conveyor belt.
Escalators are usually inclined.
A person standing on a walking step at one end of the escalator is automatically taken to the other end, and the steps stay level all the way.
The escalator is equipped with handrails that move synchronously with the steps on both sides for users to hold.
Escalators can always walk in one direction, but most of them can be controlled by managers according to time, people flow, and other needs.
Another form of pedestrian transportation, much like an escalator, is the Automatic Sidewalk.
The main difference between the two is that there are no steps in the automatic footpath.
Most will only walk on level ground or lean slightly.
An escalator is something through which people can easily move from one floor to another. This is an electric stair using a motor and belt; stairs will run automatically. Large quantity people can easily move using the escalator. There are several places like a shopping mall, airport, and commercial buildings, where people love to use the escalator. Escalator length and size will always vary. The installation of the escalator in residential buildings solves the problem of inconvenience for many elderly and patients. It makes it easier and faster for people to travel up and down the stairs. Numerous escalators meet the needs of different people and occasions, liberate the labor force, and make people’s lives more convenient. 

2.What are the characteristics of escalator

1. Large volume of passengers – using an escalator, many people can easily use and shift from one floor to another.
2. No Wells need to be built – yes, they don’t need any wells to be built.
3. It can be used in buildings of different story heights and different inclination angles.
The escalator has different types of features and benefits. If you choose an escalator, then you will get many benefits. Escalators save space and cost and provide the most space-valued escalator solutions for high-rise residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, government agencies, schools, and various public buildings. The escalator is a modern invention, and it is completely safe for commercial and personal use. Currently, more than 1 million people are using escalators. This is completely safe and good for many purposes. 

3.What are the types of escalators

There is no strict classification of escalators; generally, the following six classification methods: 1, is generally divided into light and heavy two categories.
2. According to the decoration of escalators, they can be divided into transparent without support, fully transparent with support, translucent or opaque with support, outdoor escalators, and so on.
3. The conveying capacity is divided into different cascade widths, lifting heights, and inclination angles.
Capacity is divided by the number of passengers per hour.
Check above and choose any escalator as per your need. Based on space, you have to choose any escalator. It helps people to up and down very easily from one floor to another floor easily. The escalator always provides comfort and ease to move. We are one of the best manufacturers who have several years of experience. We have an experienced team who is ready to offer you the best quote. We can offer you the best quality escalator service. You need to provide us, what size and quantity you need. Your area specification, size of the product, and even if you wish, we can customize the escalator color, shape, and size as well. 

4.How to choose the right escalator

1. Choose the right stair material.
Stairs are divided by material to have stairs of wooden stairs, concrete stairs, metal stairs, brick to wait.
Stair material is different; its characteristic is slightly different also, can choose according to actual situation.
2. Design the form of safe stair according to the house type.
It should be designed according to the customer room type, hole size, room function, and other factors, with the room’s overall effect.
Relatively speaking, under the condition of reasonable structure and the same strength in all aspects, the safety of a large platform L-shape and large arc shape is better than that of a single column spiral shape.
3. Choose the right stair railing and guardrail design.
Armrest, the upright column has a lot of form and design, can use with stair corner adornment, stair below the space and beautification, and metope processing, lighting and so on the design will undertake to choose.
To choose the right escalator, you have to consider the above-stated points. Then, based on your need, space, industry type, purpose and budget, you need to choose the right escalator. You can consult with a reputed manufacturer for advice. There are different types of escalators available in the market, and you may choose any escalator as per your need and requirement. You can install it for commercial use in a shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, etc.; for personal, you can install an escalator for buildings or your properties. The riding escalator is comfortable, and it helps to move the floor very simply. But the escalator is soothing, which may provide you trouble whenever an accident occurs. It can be dangerous as well. There are lots of patients every year that got injured from escalator problems or accidents like injuries, pain, multiple body injuries, etc. 

5.Which buildings are escalator suitable for

Escalators are commonly used in public places such as subway stations, airports, railway stations, bus stations, supermarkets, and large shopping malls.
There are several fields and industries where organizations prefer to install escalators because it helps their guests move from one place to another. The escalator is mainly composed of steps and handrails on both sides. Its main components include steps, traction chains and sprockets, guide rail systems, main transmission systems (including motors, deceleration devices, brakes, and intermediate transmission links, etc.), drive spindles, ladder road tensioning devices, handrail systems, comb boards, and escalator frames And electrical systems. If you want to install an escalator, then choose us. We are one of the best manufacturers who offer different types of escalator parts. You can contact us anytime. 

6.What is the budget for installing escalator

Installing an escalator costs about $5,000.
If you want to install an escalator, then minimum needs $5000 for this purpose. There are different types of escalators available, and based on features, we calculate the price. If you need more advanced technology and a high-quality escalator with a long length, the price will differ. Choose any escalator as per your industry need. If you choose us to install an escalator, we will provide you the best discount that local stores cannot offer you. We have an experienced and highly skilled team and labor. We are a licensed, authorized manufacturer and installer as well. Just check our website and check our satisfied customer’s list and their testimonials and then proceed. We always ready to provide you the best quality service, which you will never get from any other site. 

7.How to maintain and maintain escalator

(1). Safety railings and a sign “Escalator under Maintenance Prohibited” must be set up before maintenance (one on each side);
(2) maintenance when necessary, the power supply can be cut off the main switch, and hang on the switch is maintenance, prohibit closing brand;
(3) If the maintenance ladder has been removed from the escalator, only the “maintenance box” is allowed to operate the escalator at the speed of maintenance, and no one is allowed to stand on the ladder;
(4) After the maintenance, the escalator must be checked without any debris and tools left behind.
Inspection standards: (1) The requirements of railings and obstacles can be marked and effectively prevent people from entering the scene;
(2) ensure that the escalator does not start casually during maintenance;
(3) Especially when there is someone in the ladder road, the power supply can be cut off. If necessary, it can be locked.
Maintenance is essential. Every electrical product always needs proper maintenance. Otherwise, it will never run long. Now, the escalator is something which daily needs to be used. If you never maintain it properly, then it may break down daily. So, installation and maintenance are critical. If you need, you can contact us to know more details. The installation plays an important role. Proper maintenance and installation both play an important role. During maintenance, it’s always essential to choose local engineers, and we will provide a complete guide regarding how to check every part and start maintenance whenever need! 

8.What accessories are available for the escalator

1. Handrail moving parts for passengers to hold.
2. Comb plate comb is located at both ends of the exit and entrance to facilitate passenger transition and to mesh with steps, pedals, or tape parts
3. The deflector device minimizes the risk of holding a foreign object between the steps and the apron board.
4.The running speed of the escalator or moving walk step, pedal, or tape under no-load condition is also the speed designed and determined by the manufacturer and the actual running speed.
5.The maximum Angle of inclination formed by the inclination of step, pedal, or tape about the horizontal plane.
If you choose OTSTEC for escalator parts and tools, you will always get superior quality-verified and tasted parts and tools. All parts and tools provide long-run service. We also provide a manual guidebook, and if you need it, we will also provide the best quality services. Escalators can be seen everywhere, such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, and other places with many people, while the moving generally walks in airport and railway stations. So, whenever you need the best quality service which lasts a long, then you should choose us. We have several years of experience in this field, and we know how to complete the project within time. 

9.Is the escalator safe

The factory design is normal, normal maintenance, normal use according to the provisions will not have a problem.
The escalator itself has many safety switches, will automatically stop in case of any abnormality or not operate at all, so it is still safe to use.
Actually, the escalator is quite safe. It has many protective devices.
However, it is necessary to popularize relevant knowledge and precautions of using escalators to passengers so that accidents will not happen.
It’s a completely safe and secure item. An escalator is one type of stair which is movable. You don’t need to use your feet for walking in the stair. Escalator is the best for shopping malls, airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. People easily use escalators to move from one floor to another floor. This is awesome, and the Moving staircase always helps to carry people from one floor to another. There are several airports, underground metro stations, and shopping malls where people mostly used escalators. If you choose an escalator, you will get different types of benefits. An escalator helps to move a large number of people easily from one floor to another floor. People can easily go upward and downward both using the escalator. It has a much smaller capacity, but it helps to run very smoothly. 

10.Does escalator support customization

Escalators can be customized.
However, there are some escalator parameters to consider: lifting height, horizontal span, tilt Angle, step width, pit size (compartment size: depth, length, and width).
Es, you can customized products anytime. You have to send us the first escalator design. If you are a business owner or industrialist looking for a manufacturer and escalator installer for your organization or other purposes, choose us! We are one of the best service providers. We have solid knowledge regarding this field, and we know how to deal with it! Please find the best deal from us and save some money! It’s essential to choose the best deal! The escalator background must be strong once an industry prefers installing an escalator, which means they know how to use that escalator and what will be the purpose of the escalator. Most industries prefer escalators to provide benefits to their customers. 

11.What issues should be paid attention to when installing escalator

The size of the escalator must be set, and some decoration details should also be mastered.
Safety the first ah, before installing stair, had better be in before integral decoration, be about to have the communication of preliminary stair program and inquiry with stair stylist, this is very important because stair should decorate photograph with whole coordination, from design, material to grade to wait a moment, want to consider ahead of schedule.
In addition, the manufacturer will generally have a 30-40 day production cycle.
You have to check above stated points while installing the escalator. . Once you avail of any mall, you will find an escalator for every floor. It helps to move people together from one floor to another, and it also helps to reach any floor you wish easily! The background of the escalator is always essential. Quality will always play an important role. Escalator quality will always be the best. Otherwise, it will never last long. Along with this, maintenance also plays an important role.
Escalator background is essential. A strong background is needed. So, try to use the proper manufacturer and installer to make a strong quality escalator that lasts long. But as it is electrical equipment, it requires proper maintenance. So, please find the best deal from us and ask for the quotes. 

12.How long is the service life of the escalator

20 years.

13.escalator VS moving walk

Generally speaking, moving walks lean 10° 11° 12°, while escalators commonly lean 30° and 35°.
Visually, an escalator with steps can be considered, while a flat one without steps can be considered a moving walk.
Escalators go up and down, while moving walks are flat.
Maintenance is essential, and to maintain it; you have to hire local engineers. Service life depends on maintenance. If you maintain it well, it will run long. This is one of the common forms of the escalator, and it provides several benefits. This is also an ancient type of escalator. It can move people from one floor to another floor very simply. It can move a large number of people from one floor to another. Within standard free space, professionals can install this escalator. During the main entrance or exit, you can install such an escalator.

14.As an escalator manufacturer, what service can Otstec provide to customers

Otstec is known for innovative services and solutions, cost-effective products, and global operations excellence.
Add luster to clients’ performance.
Production has high quality, high reliability of escalator series products, using the latest technology and meeting overseas markets’ requirements.
Environmental compliance with the latest technology, space savings, and reduced construction and operating costs are the obvious advantages of Otstec escalators over any other company’s products.
If you choose us, you will get different types of escalators. In this article, we are going to provide you information regarding different types of escalators.

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